Electric roller garage doors.

How To Replace Damage Garage Door Panels

It is actually fairly simple to make cosmetic repairs to wooden rolling garage doors. Most mechanical repairs on a garage door need to be handled by a licensed repairman. There might be some DIY mechanical repairs that you can troubleshoot. On the other hand, you can definitely change the wood panels of your garage without […]

Three Ways To Keep Your Kids Safe Around Your Garage Door

If you have children, you’ve likely gone to considerable lengths to childproof your home. However, if you’re not taking the same vigilant approach to your garage, your children could be at risk of injury. In 2007 alone, the National Electronic Injury Surveillance System reported more than 13,000 injuries due to garage doors. Children routinely make […]

How To Make A Garage More Secure

Your garage may be a convenience for additional storage, but it can also make your home a target for potential theft. If you are worried about someone breaking into your garage, be sure to follow these tips. Cover The Windows Garage windows can make it easy for someone to look inside. Not only will they […]